About me

My Story

Born in Mexico City on the 20th June of 1988. She initiated developing her talent since a young age practicing many types of technical, urban and folklore dancing. She had experienced art as a painter and studied music in college. At the age of 16, inspired by her dance mentor, she discovers her real vocation, become a professional dancer. She starts as a member of a local Hip-Hop crew in Tijuana. But months after she became part of the most recognized Salsa Company in Mexico. Like this, she begins to train and compete professionally with ALMA LATINA PERFORMANCE ACADEMY by Gabriela Equiz. Obtaining the first position on the charts, including the Best Female Solo Dancer on the National Competition at her country (MEXICO). In 2008, she resumed her dance studies with the Mexican contemporary company, called “Lux Boreal”.
Since 2009, with her impressive presence on stage, her versatile and unique style, she has crossed paths with the innovation of Marco Ferrigno, creating both together, this big fusion between novelty, intensity, and elegance. At the same time, they decided to share a defiant challenge, the direction of ANSIMA PRODUCTION BALLET. APB can be defined as one of the most prestigious dance company in Italy, reflecting a very high artistic level around the world. In 2013, they produced and directed one of the fewest SALSA THEATRICAL PRODUCTIONS, called “THE PURE” (75 min).
Since 2013, she decided to focus again her energies into her solo career and in a more technical preparation, finding her place at the new dance bachelor program of Urban and Contemporary Stage Dancing, in Zurich Switzerland. In that same year, she accepted the proposal to direct, coach and choreograph a swiss national dance project, called “ESENCIA” Swiss Dance Project, uniting and working directly with the lead dancers of some of the most important salsa schools in Switzerland. Giving her, the opportunity to show her choreographic unique creativity and her passion as a leading coach and instructor. Creating since 2013 the legacy of uniting and developing the Swiss dance community, she runs 4 different dance projects by herself. ESENCIA, Swiss Dance Project, FUNKY DIVAS, URBAN DIVAZ, Including now a ONLY MEN “Swiss Dance Project”.